Network for Early career REsearchers in Interdisciplinary Disaster Studies (NEREIDS)

NEREIDS is a new network to connect and support early career researchers working in interdisciplinary disaster studies.

Much emphasis is placed on “interdisciplinary” working (both in research and policy), yet there is a clear lack of support for early career researchers whose trajectories do not follow traditional disciplinary pathways – and often a lack of expertise in managing and maintaining meaningful and sustained collaboration across entrenched disciplinary boundaries. Often, the same institutions and bodies calling for interdisciplinary collaboration do not value or recognise actual interdisciplinary efforts or results, and early career researchers are particularly disadvantaged by the current structures of academia, publishing and research institutes.

If you have had this experience or similar, you are not alone, and this network is for you.

The aim of this network is to provide a forum for the exchange of experiences and mutual support among those whose work spans multiple disciplines – particularly those working across the social and the natural sciences. We also aim to build a repository of expertise on interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary working in disaster studies.

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